Sunday, November 2, 2014

Way ahead of my old self

I'm a little bit tired of writing right now (therefor a blog post and not any nanowrimo:ing) but at the same time very. very. hyped! It's crazy. Day two of Nano and more than 10 000 words already? I've beaten my old Day Two Record with 2500 which I thought impossible when starting in the morning. But then again, the "shut yourself in and do nothing but write"-technique is quite efficient.

Another factor as to why I've been able to write so much in just two days is the heap of planning I've been doing this year. I've written a full synopsis consisting of almost every scene in the whole novel, which is several pages long, and then contracted it into very brief bullet points... which I divided into short chapters. It's like a road-map, easy to follow!

So far, I'm on chapter five of twenty eight (plus an epilogue) and I'm hoping to write at least a chapter everyday. Again - they're short.

Xyssify sadly won't do Nano this year (yeah, I know, stupid German schools, right?) so I'm a lone blogger over here. Aaaand that's pretty much all I've got to say for today.

Hope your nano is going great!


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